Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Painting a day

I've been reading "The Sound of Paper" by Julia Cameron. It is a great book that talks about the everyday part of creating. She talks about how art should become as common as doing laundry. How it needs to be something that is done on a daily basis. I have toyed with the idea of doing a painting a day, or weaving a rug a day. If I was really ambitious then I would do both! :) A painting a day is basically an act of faith. You show up everyday to paint. You do not judge how it's going. If it's going at all then that is the point. It is a journey. Along the way you learn that there is something greater out there. You are just a small piece. You learn to trust that God is working through you. Your job is to show up every day, and trust that God will show you the way. So how have I been doing, you may ask. I have been painting a lot. I haven't mastered the everyday part. Sometimes things come up. But maybe that is the point. To find more room to make art where I didn't think there was any. So this is the first mixed media painting. It is paper glued onto canvas and then acrylics on top. You can find it here also