Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another form of "destashing"

Many people talk about destashing. Usually it has do deal with supplies. Everyone has a pile of cute whatever, or something neat that they found, and it has been taking up space for a long time. Sometimes it just feels good to purge all those items and sell them, or give them away. But I was pondering the act of destashing my art. Finding new homes for my personal art collection. I have been a professional artist for about 13 years. And I have many art pieces that have had an emotional connection that I have kept and displayed throughout my home. Why not destash some of these and start over. Doesn't a bare wall just get the creative juices flowing. What about a bare room or even the whole house? Wouldn't that just start a frenzy of creativity. Why not let the past go and move on to a new a bright future with new and exciting artwork.