Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to get a treasury on Etsy

I started trying to get a treasury last week, and now I'm on my second and I am hooked. Basically it's like being a curator at a museum or gallery and you get to pick all the items. What I do is think up a theme. This week it was purple and teal what a deal. Then I scour Etsy for twelve items plus four alternates. I keep track of all those item number and then the waiting starts. The treasury has to hit 332, so you just look at what number it is at now and then count backwards to see when it will hit the magic number. Then you sit and wait. And don't refresh your screen. When it hits 332 a little box will open at the bottom for your title. Then you just need to enter all the item number and viola your done. It's quite fun. Go to to see mine for this week.

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