Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue Jean Rag Rugs

I received all these great jeans from a friend and I have started making rugs. I used my electric scissors to cut them into two inch strips. I sewed a bunch of these together and started weaving. And it didn't work. It was just too bulky. So I took all of that out and cut them into one inch strips, and that worked great. It has enough bulk to it to make it a heavy rug, but not too much that it won't weave well. I read in one of my books to always do a sampler before starting to see if the warp and the weft work together. Also to see if the idea in your head is what you are actually weaving. It is an excellent idea and my goal is to start doing samples. It would have saved me some time, plus I would have seen how the different blues would go together.

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