Monday, August 25, 2008

art supplies

I was checking out a Blick art supplies catalog today and it made me think of all the great places that I get supplies. So I thought I'd make a list.

Polaroid transfers:
669 polaroid film from Lots and lots of camera equipment and film.
Arches watercolor paper from Every art supply you could ever need.

Oil paints from My favorite are the Van Gogh oils.
Canvas from and joannfabrics. com

Rag rugs:
I get lots of fabric from Goodwill. Old sheets work well. If I need a specific color DnL Fabric Crafts and More on ebay is the best. She'll even cut the strips to 1 inch size.

My favorite place for fabric is realfabricman on He has the best velvet and sells it in 70 yard bolts. Fast shipping and great quality.

That's it for now. I'm working on a new rug today. Tan and blue checks. Check out my site and I will list it later. Have a great day!!

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